Thursday, August 26, 2010

1-Year Checkup Stats

Hannah went in for her 1-year checkup today and got stuck full of needles. It was terrible and very obviously painful. I'm expecting her to sleep a little less well tonight...Which is a bummer, since we seem to have JUST fixed the nighttime sleeping after 3 weeks of a totally screwy schedule.  Fortunately I slept GREAT last night, so I'm at least in a good place mentally to deal with frequent interruptions in my REM. As far as stats go, Hannah is 30-1/2 inches long and 18.14 pounds.  She's in the 90th percentile for length and the 20th for weight.  "She's long and lean," said the pediatrician, "like her mama!" At a mere 5'6" I don't consider myself long, but I gratefully accept compliments in most any form, even those that don't quite fit the reality.  Oh, and her head is 42 inches which is apparently also the 90th percentile.

Hannah is also getting her molars; the doc used the tongue depressor to show me Hannah's bumpy gums. Yay for being able to chew more foods! And un-yay for what is probably a very painful experience...We walked down to Soft and Cozy Baby this afternoon so I could buy her a teething bracelet, which she refuses to wear.....

I'm guessing the incoming molars are part of the problem with her screwy sleep schedule lately. I also read that kids go through "developmental surges" around their birthdays and half-birthdays and that everything, sleep included, gets a bit out-of-whack then.  I restarted the Sleep Lady shuffle a couple weeks ago and managed to finally get Eric's buy-in and cooperation this time around which has been critical to our success and has helped immensely at night (she WAS back to sleeping straight through, but like I said, I'm guessing tonight will break that streak considering she woke up an hour ago and has been unable to go back to sleep despite Eric and I being in and out of there three times already). Unfortunately, the shuffle isn't doing diddly squat for naps.  Realizing that, I tried a few other tactics including letting her skip her morning nap (in case she is prematurely ready to give it up) and also letting her choose her own sleep schedule during the day, but in both instances, she was exhausted and cranky and a complete mess.  The thing is, when given the choice, Hannah will choose NOT to sleep.  She needs two naps; I'm sure of it. What I'm not sure of is how to make her take them....

On the bright side, she learned how to plant her kisses which has been a lot of fun for me since I'm one of the main recipients of these kisses!


  1. Ahh. I never liked the days when the boys had to get shots. I think it hurt me worse than them. As for sleeping..Eric loved nap time and bed time, but would get hungry during the night sometimes and need to get up for a snack which would put him back to sleep. Joel was okay with it, but felt he was missing something while he slept so tried not to sleep long. Justin hated naps and it took him a long while to unwind before going to sleep. He needed help relaxing and was out in a second at bed time. It will be interesting to see how it goes for Hannah. You guys are dong a super cool job raising Hannah.
    Love and hugs to you guys. :)

  2. I think Hannah takes after her uncles! More Justin than Joel, but Joel a little too. She has a terrible time winding down, and I think that's the biggest issue, but I also think that the reason she won't easily sleep anywhere but her room is that she's afraid she'll miss something.


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