Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting Agricultural on Your A....

Before I go all 4-H on ya, a rash update: I took Hannah to the doc this morning, and although there are still no ideas for WHY she has the rash that blistered, we've got remedies and should start seeing improvements.  The doc prescribed a topical antibiotic to apply twice a day and also--brace yourself for the weirdness--Maalox.  Yes, the antacid. We use a cotton ball to apply it throughout the day.  We're also supposed to use this powder that has zinc in it that stars with an S or C or something and comes in a pink bottle...I showed Eric the gob-on routine tonight and he joked about how we were making quite a mess in her diaper before she even had a chance too.  He's right--it's a mess--but hopefully it'll start to improve and HOPEFULLY I can go back to sleeping through the night because this whole business of being woken up twice a night at random irregular times is really starting to have a negative effect on my daily demeanor.

My cousin, Kim, and her hubby, Jason, came to visit on Sunday.  After some yummy waffles (we found a waffle maker at Target for $5.99 the other week--SCORE!), we went to the Maryland State Fair. Not wanting to lose our waffles, we skipped all the rides and headed straight for the ag area. ANIMALS! Yay!!  To avoid insulting your intelligence, I'll skip the photo captions.

After the fair we came back to the house and watched Date Night (the movie) while Hannah napped then we made pizzas and then we went to Fells Point for ice cream! Super fun times!!  Hannah got quite attached to Jason throughout the day and managed to postpone her bath time by about 10 minutes because she was so cute snuggling with him that I couldn't bear to pull her away.


  1. Good for Hannah, she is on her way back to comfort. :)
    Missing Eric in the pictues. So used to seeing him with Hannah, it seems odd that he isn't in the pictures. Alway good pictues though.

  2. I can't believe I forgot about the Maalox! Jasper developed the worst diaper rash in the NICU and it took us a while to get rid of it once he came home. Evan's mother is a pediatric nurse practitioner and she had us put Maalox on his poor little bum. There was something else, too. Some sort of thick medicinal patch that is usually for adult diaper issues, but she cut a little piece off for Jasper and stuck it to the sore place and we left it on there until it came off by itself. It provided a barrier against poo and pee while also healing the spot. It worked really really well. I was trying to remember the name of it so I could tell you, but I'll have to ask her again. Hopefully Hannah's little bum will get better soon!

  3. Apparently Maalox is this magical ingredient! Crazy. My neighbor (the nurse practitioner) was racking her brain trying to think of the other ingredient they use to make a "paste" but couldn't. It was Maalox... What's in that stuff anyway??? So strange...If you think of the other cure, let me know! I'm creating the best barrier I can using diaper rash cream and powder, but all that rubs off pretty easy and she's still pretty raw....

    Oh, and Jeannie, Eric is in the pics, just not as much :) His arm is in the first one since he is holding her and he's standing beside her looking at the llama, sheep, and pigs. It just made the pics too busy so I cut him out.

  4. It's called DuoDerm and it's awesome!


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