Monday, September 27, 2010

Forgot About These Pics...

I was downloading pics from this weekend when it occurred to me that I never posted the ones I took last weekend.  My dad and Sondra came down on Sunday with the intent of taking Hannah to the toy store to pick out a belated birthday present.  Our favorite toy store is aMuse in Fells Point, and the fact that it's in Fells makes it even more fun. The owner asked Hannah's age and then suggested these cool plastic toys with magnets. I pointed out this Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night, Night, Lady Bug that I've had my eye on for over a year. I'd have bought it myself sooner but in the summer months Hannah was asleep before the sun went down and awake after it came up.  After a brief discussion, they decided to go the typical grandparent route and spoil Hannah by buying both.  Both ended up being big hits: she plays with her magnets in the tub, and the constellation ladybug seems to calm her down faster at bedtime.

Walking around Fells Point with Pappy.
Back in Hampden out in front of the house.
While trying to put batteries in the ladybug, we stripped the prongs on the tops of the screw and were then unable to pull the screws out.  (The screw driver was the wrong size and really sharp.) I called the store and after checking her shelf and finding it lacking any other ladybugs, the owner called the other location and had them set one aside for me.  I'm so glad we stripped those screws because that other location is ten times as awesome as the Fells Point one, and I never would have known. It's HUGE and has so many cool toys....Hannah loved it. I took some phone pics of her playing.

One by one, Hannah gathered up every baby doll she saw and put it in this crib.
The next day, I got on Craig's List in search of a new used dresser for Hannah since hers was severely broken and Eric had "fixed" it more times than I can remember.  Joel decided to take a look for himself.  I grabbed some tools while he removed the drawers.  Hannah crawled into the dresser cavity and helped. It's fixed now!


  1. My mom bought Anna that constellation ladybug for her birthday. I do like it - my favorite is the blue light!

  2. She looks so cute in that dress.

  3. My favorite is the blue light too!!! The red is not very soothing imho (and also not very bright), and the green is just okay.

    And I agree mom, she does look cute in that very cute dress that you bought her :)


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