Friday, May 20, 2011

Word stringing

Hannah has been stringing words together lately.  Some of first phrases: "Shoes. On." "Move. Back."  "Sit. Down."  Also, less cutely, "Juice. Box."  This is a point of contention between us because, as you might imagine, I'm not a fan of the juice box. One or two a week is okay, but one a day, no. Absolutely not.  Hannah disagrees.  Eric also seems to. I came in today and she was drinking one at 5:30....As you can imagine, she did not eat her dinner after pounding that.

She let go of "Juice. Box" this morning in favor of her newest mantra: "Elmo. Bike."  Yep, Elmo.  Somehow, although she has had very, very, very little exposure to Elmo (no more than 2 episodes of Sesame Street and an Elmo sticker book she picked out when out with my mom one day), she is obsessed.  Whoever created him obviously knew just how to appeal to toddlers.  She asked for Elmo yesterday morning while I was making breakfast, and to appease her, Amy looked up some videos on YouTube.  One of those videos, the one with Elmo riding a tricycle and singing a song about it, quickly became her favorite.  We watched it over and over again.  Then this morning, we watched it over and over again.  Goal for tomorrow: get through breakfast without Elmo and his dang tricycle.


  1. Ahh, yes, the beloved Elmo and Seseme Street. Love, love, love it! Good choice Hannah!! Sorry Terri, gotta go with Hannah. Haha! :)

  2. I don't mind it! I actually think Elmo is kinda cute sometimes. It's after the 25th consecutive play that I get a little tired of it...Also, I don't approve of watching a screen while eating :)

  3. Yeah, I hear ya. Us and Elmo go way back. He seems to be popular with the two year olds now days.

  4. I really like the trike song but I highly recommend "Elmo's Song" where he's playing a piano. It's a good one.


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