Friday, May 6, 2011

Hannah jumps in, noodles around, and swims BY HERSELF

I have another couple of vids for ya taken from the pool this morning.  Eric took the day off work so he got to join us for our Friday swim, but instead of swimming a mile and a half before going to get Hannah like I usually do, we hung out in the hot tub, relaxed, and enjoyed a bit of quality time together.  So nice!

When the heat got to be too much, we suited up Hannah and played in the kiddie pool for the rest of the morning.  She learned a new skill today: using the noodle to float solo.  I was so impressed that I jumped out, dried off, and ran for the Laura's pocket video camera which I've been carrying around with me.  

And here's one of her using the noodle to swim herself to the wall--check her out, she totally does the swimming part by herself! It's so impressive!!

One of the bonuses of having Eric swim with us is being able to take video; these are the first swimming videos I've taken since her very first swim class. Okay, just ONE MORE, promise.  This is a short one of her jumping in, notice the way she throws her arms back behind her before she jumps--I love that move!

There's one more video too, of her jumping in and then kinda swimming around to get to the noodle. I posted it to YouTube but three videos is probably more than enough for one blog post....and I did promise that the above would be the last one.

I'm liking having this camera a bit too much. It's so small and light that I just keep it in my backpack all the time.  It also has a hidden purpose: emergency entertainment for Hannah! She loves watching herself on  it so in desperate times, I whip it out, hit play, hand it to her, and enjoy extended peaceful moments (like when I had to take her to the MVA the other day to renew my license).


  1. This is to precious for words! Would have loved to been there in person. What awesome parents you are!! So proud of you. :)

  2. Next time you visit, bring your suit!! I can get as many guest passes as I want, and I'm sure Hannah would love to show off her swimming skills to her grandparents!


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