Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lazy Beach Days

We made an impromptu trip up to the beach at Oregon Ridge on Sunday.  It was Artscape weekend, and this was the first in like five or something that I didn't go (last year I was balancing cups on my big ol' preggo belly). As much as I would have loved the opportunity to blog about Hannah's first Artscape, we opted to join Mary and some of her friends, cooling off at the swimming hole instead of sweating it out with the crowds.

The impromptu beach run was inspired by Mary who rounded up a group of friends and brought Adelaide, who just turned 2 months.  Hannah was enthralled with the baby and walked laps around the stroller, tickling her toes occasionally, more often yelling at her (in a "wake up and have fun with me" kind of way).

All that yelling and toe tickling eventually woke her up. I love the arms up position! Like she's cheering or something...Yay for beach days!

Here are the guys, maxing and relaxing in the rays.  (Greg stayed with us this weekend before heading off to a week of training in Frederick. That's him in the back.)

Eric is watching some terrible apocalyptic movie called The Road that has my heart beating like a djembe drum.  I really don't understand why anyone is at all interested in "relaxing" with a movie about how terrible life would be if the world blew up, unless, maybe to be grateful that the world hasn't blown up and life is great?? I don't know.  I think I do a good job being grateful without having to think of how bad it could be, and stuff like this gives me nightmares.  And day-mares for that matter.  Time for me to go hide out in a different room. 


  1. Very cute as usual, you Social Butterflies! Eric has that "Life is good" expression on his face. :) I vote for no nightmares, Terri. Dang movies!

  2. It definitely kept me up!! I woke up with all these terrible images flashing through my head and then I couldn't get back to sleep...ugh! No more movies like that for me!

    He does have a "life is good" expression! haha. It's been a nice summer.

  3. aww...LOVE this! hannah was so cute with her...she def loves adelaide. so sweet.

  4. Yay for you being able to comment!!!

    We need more playdates so I can get some better pics of Adelaide! She's hard to photograph while in a stroller under an umbrella...Not the best angle


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