Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hannah Pushes the Stroller...All the Way Home

My dad came to visit yesterday afternoon while Sondra attended an event at Camden Yards.  Since it's been eons since we'd spent any daddy/daughter time together, Eric offered to hang back when I suggested that we all walk to the playground.  Since the playground is seven blocks away, we got plenty of time to talk and catch up on the way there, and once there, he transitioned from Dad to very happy Grandpap, and I transitioned from daughter to trigger-happy mamarazzi.  Unfortunately, most of my photos, including those on the swing and sliding board, are extremely overexposed.  Here's what I could salvage:

I'm pretty sure I mentioned Hannah's pension for pushing her stroller around the house.  She also likes to push it around the playground.  Yesterday, rather than put her back in the stroller for the walk home, I steered her up off the mulch and onto the sidewalk in the direction of home, figuring I'd let her exercise her legs until she got tired.  Well, she didn't get tired. She pushed that stroller the whole way home.  She tripped a couple of times and landed on her knees, but refused the snuggle and comfort Pappy tried to provide, forcefully squiggling her way out of his arms and back to her position behind the stroller.  At green lights I held up her sippy cup so she could drink from it without removing her hands from the stroller. Her cheeks were flushed when we got home, but she seemed as alert as ever in spite of having walked seven blocks.  Seven! I think that's crazy.  And amazing. Maybe she'll grow up to be a super hero like Wonder Woman or something.

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