Monday, July 12, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears....

We took Hannah to the zoo for the first time yesterday. It was actually both mine and Eric's first visit to the Maryland Zoo as well. The temperature was in the mid 90s so most of the animals were hiding out in the shade, and a lot of the exhibits were close for renovation.  It wasn't terribly exciting as a result, but the area is gorgeous with big, beautiful trees and shaded walks, and Hannah loved the animals that were out and about, especially the birds.  If we had extra money right now, I'd get a membership; it's only $99/year for a family ($115 if you want to always be able to bring 1 guest) and it's a great place to take a walk especially since it's within 5 minutes of our house.  Paying for the day is $14 which I don't see us doing too often.

The Maryland Wildlife section of the zoo has farm animals and a petting zoo with goats. 

We didn't see the lion--missed him somehow when we went to the chimpanzee house--and there's no tiger, and the only bear is the polar bear who wasn't thrilled with the weather and was slumped over in a furry heap in the shade made by his shelter. But we loved all the ducks and birds, the giraffes and elephants, the monkey that put on a good show, and the little goats the stood by complacently while children ran around brushing and petting them. It was a beautiful day!


  1. Precious pictues. Little Hannah looks like she is lovin' it. I would like to go with you guys sometime. Would you like to go to Binder Park Zoo when you come to BC? Thanks for the beautiful blog post.
    Love you guys!

  2. So funny! My mom and I were just saying that we want to take Anna to the zoo soon... looks like a great day.

  3. It definitely was!! I'll be Anna would kick out of it!

    We would love to go to the Binder Park Zoo while visiting you guys in Battle Creek! That sounds like a great way to be out and about and hopefully tiring Hannah out so that she passes out more easily than she did in Chincoteague.


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