Thursday, July 8, 2010

5. Nodding

I knew I was forgetting something from my list last night: Nodding.  Hannah has taken to nodding pretty constantly, and it's really freakin cute, but I'm guessing she doesn't know what it means.  Here's an example of why:

Scene: dinner time. I have some food on a spoon and am attempting to get it into Hannah's mouth. Hannah turns her face away to avoid the spoon, then turns back to me and starts nodding....I'm like, "yes? Yes, you want more??" So I put the spoon up close to her mouth again. She whips her head to the side and pauses till the spoon is gone, then turns back to me and nods....So yeah, I don't think she knows that nodding means yes.  I've been working on shaking my head "no" and trying to teach her the difference, and this morning, for the first time, she shook her head at Eric (that's what made me realize I'd forgotten to add this to the list).

Okay, I'm gonna work on uploading the vaca pics now while she's napping...


  1. I'd noticed Clay nodding a few weeks ago too, but I think he thinks its just a game because it makes Grammy smile.

  2. Same with Hannah. I think she mimics us (which has made me more aware of my nodding), and then when we laugh (because it's so darn cute), she keeps doing it.


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