Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Time Last Year: Baby Shower

Our baby shower was on July 18 last year and since I never posted pictures, I thought I'd do it today.  Laura, baby shower hostess and photographer extraordinaire, took all of the below photos.  I'd like to link her blog, Come On and Wake Up With Me, to her name, but for some reason when I click on it in my Blogger dashboard, I'm getting the "blog not found message"....Until I get that figured out, props be given to Laura Mae Socks for taking and then giving me these photos.

The shower was at a pavilion in Cunningham Falls (Catoctin, Maryland), and Laura's decorations were more perfect and prettier than I ever could have imagined.  I'm so happy that so many people were able to come, even though it was on a Friday.  I wish we could have done it on a Saturday, but I waited too long to decide on a location and when I did decide, said location was booked on all weekends.

I'm ashamed to admit that I still haven't sent out thank you notes for all the thoughtful presents everyone brought.  I had intended to send them out in the two weeks before Hannah was born.  Remember how my last day of work was Friday, July 31 so that I'd have at least two weeks to pack our bags, get the car seat installed, finish buying diapers and readying the nursery, and RELAX before her arrival? Yeah, and then remember how my water broke on August 4?  Yeahhhhhh.....So we were out of town for a wedding that whole weekend, and then I did some baby shopping on Monday, and then that was it.  Times up! After her birth I was so overwhelmed with all the screaming for the first 5 months or so that writing thank you notes was pretty low on the priority list.  And then I think I just forgot for a while....A couple of weeks ago I came across the cards I received and the list of gifts that Jessica kept for me while we were opening presents, and I put them on the desk so that I could attend to them. You guys just might get your notes yet!!  Please know that we are eternally grateful, we do remember what everyone got us, and we often tell Hannah who got her this or that item.

Without further adieu....Wasn't it pretty???

Libby, Ben, and Asa.

With my dad and Sondra and my Aunt Earlene and Uncle Chuck.  Earlene and Chuck drove all the way from Boston!!

With the grandmas.  Eric's mom, Jeannie (right), came all the way from Michigan.

I totally HATE the preggo belly hold thing that proud papas-to-be do in pics.  Ugh!!! But Chip (my brother, on the right) is holding Erica's preggo belly in every pic, and I didn't want to not put up a pic of my brother and sister-in-law because HELLO! I love them.  Unfortunately, I am also a victim of the preggo belly hold in this one. Darn it Eric!!

Crazy group shot!

I didn't recognize Kathryn and Caroline when they were walking up the pavilion; it had been SO LONG since I'd seen them, and you know how much growing happens in those adolescent years. Hehehe. (No, we are not sisters. I hung out with them in a role of babysitter/big sister when they were in elementary and middle school. The Stanley's quickly became my second family/Baltimore family.)

With Jess and Todd. (Love them!!)

With Kerry (mum to Kathryn and Caroline).

With my Aunt Pam (my mom's younger sister) and Uncle Donny and my cousin Kim.

End of the night.

I included this one only because it showed just how big how I was, and the other day when I was trying to remember how big I was, I couldn't really find any good pics.

Between opening presents and the prom-style photo shoot and the fact that it was on a Friday when most people had to work all day, there wasn't as much play time as I'd hoped for, but it was awesome all the same and exactly what I wanted--a fun, outdoor/picnic-style party with most of my favorite people.  Thank you to everyone who came and an even bigger THANK YOU to Laura for throwing what I'm pretty sure is gonna go down in history as the prettiest and coolest baby shower ever!! And no, I'm not trying to get out of sending thank you notes by posting a general thank you on my blog...sheesh! What kind of lazy bum do you take me for???  I'm totally getting around to the notes....

Also, stay tuned for more "this time last year posts".....


  1. Several of these pictures look like the ones I took. Could be we were standig in the same shot zone. None the less, a nice shower. I missed my family in the pictures. But such is life. :)

  2. It was a very pretty and fun baby shower, and rain shower too!

  3. I haven't seen your pictures yet--maybe you can show them to me when we visit!


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