Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting the Gift of Gab...And Coordination

I think Hannah might have said "kitty" this morning when Kaya jumped up on the bed, and I'm pretty sure she said "easy" yesterday while hanging out next door at MC's.  "Easy" is what we are constantly saying to Hannah as she bull dozes around the house thwacking people, things and kitties so it's a word she hears a lot of.  She was thwacking things at MC's yesterday when MC said "easy, easy," and Hannah turned around and repeated it back to MC.  The room was full since MC's parents are in town so I have a lot of witnesses on that one, and we're all pretty sure that although her speech is still garbled with baby talk, she's getting the gift of gab...

She is also developing her ham-it-up skills, and learning how to keep all attention on her and get it back if it strays for a moment.  She's got this funny fake laugh/yell thing that is hysterical and always makes us crack up. The first time she did it, I laughed, and then I could see her thinking about what had just happened.  In the spirit of true science, she tried the laugh again, and again I cracked up.  She grinned with pleasure at this new power she'd discovered that she has, and since then, she uses it frequently (with success) to get everyone to stop talking, look at her, and laugh.  I don't know if all babies/kids are so dramatic, but this one is totally a star performer and will probably rock at that Cranium category when old enough to play.

Another development that got me all excited yesterday is that she figured out how to push the little button thingy up and down to get the number 2 elephant in her Playskool Busy Poppin' Pals toy to pop up.  My brother's wife's parents got that toy for her for Christmas, and since then, she's been excellent at closing the lids, but has not been able to make them pop up again. Yesterday she made one pop, and I got all excited and clapped, and she tucked her chin and got that grin on her face that she gets when she's proud of herself.  I yelled for Eric to come watch, and she did it again! I am loving all these fun developments!


  1. I am dying to see this giggle thing! I can just imagine and I'm prettys ure I'd be cracking up too. I kinda feel about Brooks they way you feel about Hannah. (You know me and kids so don't take offense I'm comparing my dog to your kid. Plus she is adorable and I really enjoy her which is quite a rarity and I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.) Anyway, I swear I'm constantly like, "Omg watch Brooks stare at the ceiling fan!! Omg watch him carry two toys in his mouth!!

  2. hahahahah!!!! I cannot wait to see you with babies of your own someday--it's gonna be hysterical! Anyway, I was the same way with Kaya and now I'm like four times as bad with Hannah (Kaya's events merited announcements, but not to the web). Anyway, me and Hannah love Brooks and want more playdates!


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