Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hannah's Daddy Graduates!

On Friday, Hubby graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Intelligence (funny thing to get a degree in, huh?? He's educated in Intelligence, heheheh.). Here's a family pic we snapped before the graduation while we were all milling around waiting to get into the auditorium. I'm glad we took this one because we never got around to taking very many pics after the graduation like we thought we would. For some reason Hubby looks a little possessed in all of the pics we took before the graduation (which is why I didn't post too many)...Nerves maybe.

Here's Grammy entertaining Hannah. I packed a backpack overly full of toys to keep us entertained while we waited.  Having Grammy there was more helpful than the backpack full of toys though. I was especially grateful for her presence when I needed to use the bathroom and had a full and heavy backpack, purse, camera case, and baby.  That's a lot to have to schlep into a public bathroom stall. I'm happy I didn't have to!

We took the long telephoto lens and were able to get close as a result, but I had trouble focusing it. This is the best one I got of him walking.

Like my mom said, "I always knew you were smart, but now you have proof." 


  1. Hahah oh possessed Eric!! And while I don't want to upstage your achievement, but Hannah's dress is sooo cute!!!

  2. It's my favorite of her dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that you noticed that. It's actually the first time she wore it; I was doing that thing where I save it for something special.

  3. It's the first time we have seen Eric in his whites. Good lookin' Kellogg.
    Proud of you Eric!

  4. That was the first time he ever wore that uniform so don't worry, you haven't missed anything.


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