Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hannah Houdini

I took a couple videos the other day that I've been meaning to post but....well, you know the deal: time, time, time--always in short.  Hannah seems to be at the age where she learns how to do a thousand new things everyday and everything she does just so happens to be a sheer act of adorable genius-ness.  So to start what will be a couple days in a row of video posting, I present Hannah Houdini.  There's a bouncy seat in the basement that's pretty cool because it has a footpad sensor so it makes noise when Hannah kicks it.  I put her in this seat the other day and she immediately threw herself over onto her stomach and started ooching out the bottom.  I grabbed the camera, flipped her back into the proper position, and quickly hit the record button.  She did not stay in the proper start position for long....

Hannah Houdini: Part 1

Shortly after stopping the recording because it was getting a bit slow, Hannah managed to give herself the final push and get two feet on the floor so I started the recording again to see how far she'd get. She ends up sitting on her butt about a foot from the chair.  As a reminder, after sitting her down, I didn't touch or help her in her ooching.

Hannah Houdini: Part 2

Yes mom, it looks like straps are quickly becoming a necessity....but it's so much more fun to watch her wiggle her way out!


  1. I can't seem to view the first video - it says its a duplicate of a previously uploaded video?????

  2. Man! You were on that fast!! The problem has been fixed. As soon as I posted it, I checked the videos and discovered the problem and worked to solve it, but seriously, I posted it like 30 seconds before you checked it....Try again now.

  3. Cutie Pie! We thought she was going to get up and start walking, she looks so confident. Her hair is looking pretty. Awesome videos.
    Love it.

  4. hahah! her hair is soooo funny! she has a couple of really long strands mixed in with all that peach fuzz. eric and i are always cracking up about it.


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