Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Half Year Birthday!!!

The little banana is 6 months old today!! How crazy is that??? Here's her 6-month photo shoot (which I actually took yesterday):

You can kinda see one of her teeth in this one.

And in keeping with the tradition I started at 4 months, here's a glimpse into the past at baby Terri hitting her half-year birthday mark
And this is the closest I have to Eric at 6 months.  This is July of 77 and he was born in December of 76 so I guesss he's about 7 months here--close enough!!


  1. What a cutie! And I can see a tooth.

  2. I enlarged the picture and could see Hannah's tooth quite well. :) She's adorable! Love the milestones tradition.

  3. What a HOT outfit! She's a peachy pear bear baby. I think the snow may prevent a visit today. BOOO.


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