Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lights Out!!

Hannah squished her cheek up against mine all cute last night and I asked Eric to snap a pic of her being snuggly with me since she's usually way to active to snuggle. 
Shannon came for lunch yesterday and was happily surprised at how happy Hannah was (Hannah's been in hysterics the past two times she visited...). 

(She's naked in the above pics because her pee leaked out of the side of her diaper so I stripped her outfit off and let her hang out naked for a few minutes since Shannon was on her way out the door anyway.)

And how about a video for good measure?  Hannah learned how to turn on and off the light in her room so I took my video camera up for bath time tonight to capture it on film.  That's how the video below ends, but I started it a little early because she was being really cute gnawing on Eric's finger. Of course, the second I started filming he took back his finger and lifted her up so the start of this is a little rocky.

OH, and she has another tooth.  Two bottom teeth!!!
How funny is her tongue in this thing????  She's like Gene Simmons.


  1. Scream!!! Good job turning out the light Hannah, nice to see you Eric, and what a precious video.


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