Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cabin Fever

All of my Sleep Lady training has come undone. I don't know why; it just has.  Maybe we got confident that the problem was solved and were too quick to pick her up on the few times that she did wake up crying.  I guess it's a nonstop effort that must constantly be adhered like any other training.  I mean, I haven't been to the gym since Friday and I'm pretty sure that these few days off are enough to slide me back a couple of places so maybe sleep training has to be tended to with the same nonstop dedication.  She's quiet now.  The screaming only lasted for 25 minutes tonight.  It's been at least 1 hour the 3 nights prior.  On the bright side, once she managed to stop screaming, she slept through the night for all of those nights.  Ooops.  Nope, not quiet anymore.  She was just taking a breather.  She does seem to be winding down though.  Eric is with her.  I really have no interest in starting the Sleep Lady program all over again. It's really time consuming...Of course, this is too.  We are just running up and down the stairs these days, as if that's somehow less frustrating than the training....Guess I'll re-read the relevant chapter tonight and try to put it into effect tomorrow. Or I'll have Eric do it because guess who actually has real work to do tomorrow???? Yours truly is going to set aside the many management books I've been keeping myself busy with and edit a proposal.  Wahoo!!  The turn-around-time really stinks--it's due to me by about 3 tomorrow and I have to have it back in by 10 a.m. Friday, then the second one is due to me by about 3 on Friday and I have to have it back in by 10 a.m. on Saturday--but I've had it pretty easy the past couple months so no complaints.  Anyway, it'll be nice to have something to do.  I'm wasting away to a mindless blob as a result of this cabin fever I caught in the non-stop blizzards of Baltimore.  I haven't seen a winter like this since forever.  The snow is insane and although I live in the city in walking distance to a number of places, there still seems to be nothing to do. Nothing is open and for some reason I'm not hanging with the neighbors.  We're just sitting here inside watching the snow swirl around and pile up outside.  It's pathetic. I think Hannah caught the cabin fever too.  Maybe that's why she's been screaming....

I have a couple pics, but not many.  Terrill came over yesterday to watch movies and hang out and attempt to cure her own cabin fever and she helped me bathe Hannah.  So yeah, more bathtime pics.  Hannah likes to sit in front of the water spout with one hand in the water as it fills her tub.

Then she likes to do some shoulder exercises with her water-proof book.

I know, I know, that was dumb. Like I said, I'm becoming a bumbling idiot as a result of cabin fever.  And also, I'm trying to stay sane while listening to Hannah screaming her little hiney off....Guess I better quit ignoring her now. Eric gave up about 10 minutes ago. My turn....

A question for those of you who have or have had babies who scream incessantly, long after the screaming has stopped, do you still hear it? It's a strange hallucination, like ringing in the ears I guess.

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