Friday, February 12, 2010

Ramping Up to Crawl

Hannah made a new development a week or so ago, she managed to push herself up to her knees.  Once there the only movement she does is in reverse, but we're confident that she'll have it first gear in no time. 
Now that she's up I can progress on to the next chapter in Itsy Bitsy Yoga which is for "Almost Crawlers."  I'm not sure how much good it'll do though--have I mentioned that Hannah hates yoga?  Yep.  For a while she tolerated it, and I was hoping she'd grow to love it as time went on but went the other direction instead.  Now when she has any inkling that I'm about to start any sort of fitness program, she goes stiff as a board and stays that way until I agree to a life of bonbons and canned laughter sitcoms viewed from an ever deepening spot on the couch. you may have noticed, I severely altered the look of this blog.  The green was driving me nutty and I hated the super narrow column of text so I chose a less crazy template that came in size "stretch" and then fiddled with the colors a bit...Now that I know how to do it, expect more color fiddling in my downtime...


  1. Love the page. Although I have to say that I thought I hit the feeds icon when the page first popped up. There Hannah goes. Shes going, going, gone!

  2. Terri, Thanks again for sharing Hannah's milestones with us by blog. I can't say that enough. We appreciate you a lot.

  3. You're welcome! I'm so glad I'm living in this decade and not a very recent one in which I'd be responsible for regularly writing letters and printing photographs and relying on snail mail....Whew! What an effort! Gotta love the digital world for enabling grandmas to keep in touch like never before!

    And also, this blog has become quite cathartic for me. I used to journal every it's just the blog! It keeps me sane.

  4. Congrats, Hannah girlie. They (all/most) babies go in reverse when they start out. Before you know the crawl will become pull-up then the BIG STEP. Watch ou Daddy & Mommy.....


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