Saturday, October 24, 2009

Recapping Friday

I was too tired last night to write anything to go with the pictures from yesterday so here's the monologue:

Spa day is an amazing thing that should be a regular part of every mother's life on a monthly or at least bimonthly basis. It's too bad it costs so much and is just not a reality. We went to Tranquility in Hagerstown. I absolutely loved the masseuse and the esthetician who did the facial; they were both really sweet and friendly and educational. The masseuse taught me about the muscles that bothered me and taught me exercise and stretches I can do to keep them loose. She even wrote down the names of the muscles so I could google them later if I forgot (which I did). The esthetician was an older lady (66) who told me to love all the moments of motherhood because they grow up fast and she wishes she hadn't yelled at her kids so much and also that she hadn't worried about whether or not the house is clean. She said I have the rest of my life to clean house if that's what I want to do with it but forget about it for now (this sounds like advice my mom lived out while we were growing up :) She also recommended a good skin product (it was not one that was sold there so she doesn't get anything for me buying it) that is available on Home Shopping Network. The main thing I liked about her is that she was very thorough and careful to leave any of the mask on me. I love the esthetician I used to go to in Baltimore when I had more money, but she was always leaving the mask on me so I'd walk out of there and notice clumps of it on my face. Not cool. This woman was very detail-oriented and that's a trait I like in a person!

We also got manicures and pedicures, and I picked this crazy bright red color because it seemed like the fun thing to do for someone who never paints her nails (not because I don't like it, but because I'm too lazy to maintain it--this stuff will start chipping in a matter of hours and look like crap in no time at all and I don't even own nail polish remover so it'll drive me nuts).

The day took longer than I expected because they weren't so savvy at coordinating us as a group, so we didn't make it over to Chip's until about 5:00. My dad was there when we walked in--that afternoon Eric had taken Hannah to the park where my dad works so he knew our plan--he took a picture of the two families (ours and Chip's) which I need to get because at that point, I didn't have my camera out so I don't have one of those...

Chip's baby is so strange in comparison to Hannah! He's tiny and frail and looks like a little ol' man, and mom was right: he doesn't cry at all, just makes this cute but odd like squeaking sounds. It's a really cute noise that I wish I would have capture on video but I didn't bring that camera with me. Hannah came out screaming bloody murder...that gal has her daddy's lungs!!

I'm also loving seeing my little bro so happy. He's so sentimental and sweet and keeps saying things like "I don't know how I ever lived without him," which makes me want to laugh and barf and burst his bubble by telling him he'll remember the pre-baby days quite fondly in a couple of weeks when he's gone days without sleep, his wife is alternating between crying and angrily threatening to leave him, and the baby is just crying and crying for no known reason. But instead I smiled, gave him a hug, and told him I was happy for him. And I am, because although I meant all those bubble-bursting things, I love my screaming little monster and wouldn't trade her for all the sleep in the world....but throw in a monthly spa day on top of all the sleep in the world and you just might have a deal....

Anyway, Chip has always been much sweeter and more patient than me, and there's also always the chance that he'll end up with an easy angle baby; I've heard they exist....

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