Friday, October 30, 2009

Little Pumpkin

The lighting is terrible in this first one so I'll try to get another of her in her "little pumpkin" onesie before the day is over. The rest were taken earlier this week. The sequence in the chair would be best on video--every day I say I'm going to take the point and shoot with me when I go to the bathroom so I can get video of her staring intently (and often with cross eyes) at the thumb part of her closed fist as if willing it to unclose so she can pop it in her mouth and suck on it, but every day I forget. (For those of you who don't know, that's her bathroom chair. It sits there so I can plop her down when I shower or pee. It's also her favorite chair in the house.)

The last one is her right now, as I type this. We went down to Mill Valley Market to order our turkey and pick up some eggs. It was a usual trip: the way there and the first part of the way back is spent screaming, then shortly into the way back trip, she passed out. I tried keeping her awake so she wouldn't screw up her next nap, but she completely ignored me. Normally she won't stay asleep in this car seat if the car or stroller isn't moving, but Eric said she stayed asleep for him for an hour last Friday so rather than wake her up to put her in her crib (which would only result in screaming and a definite skipped nap), I decided to leave her in there and see if she'd stay asleep. So far, so good! Since Eric is at the gym and I've finished my hours for work this week, I'm enjoying some quiet Terri time!


  1. How precious!!!!!! I was born crossed eyed so you might think about checking into that. I had 4 eye surgeries and finally cateract surgery that corrected them. I have some pictures of Eric. Would you like me to copy them for you and send them to you. She looks like him in some of them. I think she favors both of you. I think if ya'll were not married you could be twins. Love to Hannah girlie....

  2. OMG!!!!!!!! i love it. she's so cute i want to cuddle and squeeze her forever. that one of her holding her hands when she's chillin on the couch is so precious.

  3. What's on the feet of the yellow sleeper? I've been trying to make it out, but can't.

    And her matching orange socks are adorable!

  4. All so precious and adorable! That yellow sleeper looks familiar.It is nice to see you in the picture with her, Teri.
    That picture of you with Hannah looking over your shoulder is special (in a previous blog).
    Love and hugs.....

  5. The yellow sleeper has little furry bears on the toes--very cute!

    And yes Patsy, I would LOVE to see some pics of little Eric. I looked at some that Jeannie has when I was in Michigan, but that was forever ago. I would really like a baby pic of Eric (3 months or younger) so I can have a post with Hannah, Baby Terri, and Baby Eric. I think that would be fun.


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