Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Working for the Weekend

(First: a picture of Hannah attempting to sit up using her Boppy as support.)
Day 1 of work went like this:

7:30 a.m. Drag self from comfy bed and adorably snuggly baby (Eric happily took over snuggling with Hannah). Head downstairs for stretches and abs.

7:40 Hannah wakes up earlier than usual. Scratch the abs and feed her

8:30 She's still eating....I'm starving

9:00 She's asleep on the boob. Stealthily I creep upstairs and put her in her crib, then rush downstairs to make some oatmeal.

9:15 Attempt to log on to work computer. Spend half hour on the phone with IT downloading the new work-from-home software and updating all my outdated passwords. Begin sorting through 290 emails.

10:30 Still sorting emails....

11:30 Hannah wakes up. I feed her and then we play (play means making googly eyes and each other and walking around the house and listening to music and other misc activities)

1:00 She's asleep again, back to the basement to the work computer.

2:00 Still sorting emails....

2:45 She's awake. Log off and go back to mommy self. Feed her and play (this time we walk around looking at all the photos we have up and I tell her stories about the people in the photos and where they were taken. When we run out of photos, we stand on the back porch and watch the rain for a looooong time). She gets fussy around 4:00 so I attempt to lay her down for her evening nap.

4:30 Still attempting to get her to nap.

4:45 Give up on the nap and bring her downstairs to feed her again (the only way I know how to get her to stop screaming). Log onto work computer and continue reading emails while feeding her.

5:00 She falls asleep on the boob and Eric comes home. I motion for him to take her to her crib which he does. I hear her cry a few more times. He emerges 15 minutes later unscathed.

5:30 Give up on working for the day and snuggle the hubby for a bit.

6:15 Say goodbye to the hubby (he has volleyball on Tuesday nights) and make some dinner to scarf while I have the use of both hands.

I was planning on going to the gym, but everyone I know is sick. Auntie Laura happily agreed to hang out with Hannah on Tuesdays so I could go to my favorite class, but she is sick again. This dang weather!! My neighbor Amy is also sick, my other neighbor has her first broomball game, and Shannon, who agreed to hang with Hannah on Thursdays, is also sick. Whew!! That's natures way of telling me to stay in tonight. I'm kinda tired anyway and enjoying some "me" time (something I am going to get even less of now that I'm working while she naps) so it's for the best.

Oh yeah, I wanted to respond to Libby's commment on the last post about the working from home thing: I agree that getting out of the house would be awesome! But then I'd have to pay someone to watch Hannah. This way I get to keep all the money I'm making rather than turn around and give it to someone else. If I had to have a sitter, I'd clear very little so it wouldn't be worth it to work. Anyway, I don't mind too much because I'm a total homebody hermit anyway, but ever since having Hannah I do find myself going a little stir crazy more often than usual...The gym will have to satisfy my "get out of the house" need.

She should be waking up any second now for round 3 of play time....


  1. Ahh, very cute pic. We are proud of you, Teri. I will bring the juggling ball set to you, it is a fun perspective on multi-tasking. :)

  2. From a child development point of view, the variety of activities is awesome. I especially like the one about talking to Hannah about photos. :)

  3. She is a pretty little thing. I hope you have a good picture of her Great Grandmother for her to see & be told she would of loved to love and hold her.

  4. Thanks! I just thought of that one yesterday. I told her all about her Grannah and Granpah who live on a lake in Michigan!

    Our other activity that I forgot to mention was playing with the flowers Eric got me for oour anniversary. Lots of texture!

    Sadly, I do not have any Great Grandmother pics :( I'll ask Eric if he's got one hidden away somewhere.

  5. Sense of touch, very important.
    As for pictures..I haven't forgotten about getting Eric's baby pictures out. I will get around to it though. Big project for a planned time. Yes, Mom would be proud. She loved kids and kids loved her. She would be proud. Loving kids seems to be a big thing in our family amoung us girls.


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