Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hannah is Entertained

This Blogger video upload thing really stinks; they should work on that feature. I spend at least an hour trying to "upload" every time and it never does work.

And why can't I "paste" things into the new blog window?? Are my settings screwed up? See, I already typed the blog that goes with the video for this post, but trying to upload the video screwed up the browser and it wouldn't save so I carefully copied the post prior to saving it, but now I can't paste it in. Ugh! You know, that's the same reason that I can't "embed" a YouTube video--because Blogger will not let me paste anything in. Does anybody know why that is? Plenty of other people do it (Libby has a kabillion YouTube videos embedded on her blog!) so it's clearly possible. There must be something wrong with my settings...but what??? When I click "edit HTML", the YouTube link is there...I googled the question "why can't I paste into Blogger" and it seems a ton of other bloggers are having the same problem (lots of posts fromt his month) but nobody had an answer. I also googled "why can't I upload video on Blogger." Again, lots of people have the problem, but nobody has the answer.

So I can't upload the video, and I can't embed it from YouTube, but I can copy and paste in the link. You'll just have to visit another website to view the video described in the next paragraph.

Here's a summary: Shannon brought us this mat with the gym thing that goes over top of it the week Hannah was born (another hand-me-down from her boss). I used to lay Hannah there while I brushed my teeth (this is when we were living in the basement while the rest of the house was being rebuilt). She didn't express much interest at that point and since we don't live down here anymore, I hadn't put her back on it until yesterday. Well, a lot has changed! She stared up at herself in the mirror and kicked and smiled. It was pretty cute so I video-ed it.

Hannah also watched her first baby einstein video from start to finish yesterday. She's watched bits and pieces of the sign language one but gets bored easily. Yesterday I popped in Baby Van Gogh and held her on my hip facing the TV. She was mesmerized! She spent the whole time kicking and leaning forward in my arms. I wanted video of that but I only have so many arms.


  1. ADORABLE!!!!!!
    I think you now know what she likes to do in her "activity" time.

  2. And next time you have to get something done (that requires two hands) just pop her in her chair and put Baby Van Gogh in . . . you might even make it through dinner.

  3. she loves that thing ha! she looks so cute just laying there kicking and smiling! awesome. one question though, is that the flower singing that creepy song????? hahahaha sorry that song freaked me out. "baby giggles kick!"

    on another note i have a hannah present i got in philly this weekend! yay.


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