Saturday, July 23, 2011

My favorite of her firsts: First "I love you"

So, an awesome thing happened tonight: Hannah said "I love you" to me! I've been waiting for that sort of affirmation/positive feedback since the day her little embryo self laid down on my urethra making it impossible for me to pee no matter how much water I guzzled.  The I-love-you thing started on Tuesday at gymnastics. Every class is ended with a round of Skinnamarink and for the first time ever, Hannah sang and signed along.  Her favorite part is the end where it goes, "I love you, boo-boo-be-doo."  She's been singing the song all week, but tonight at bed time is the first time ever that she looked at me, smiled big, and said "I love you" without any prompting or song singing.  It was pretty awesome. I said it back and then we laughed a bunch and spent a terribly cheesy 5 minutes just saying I love you to each other and laughing.  This might be my favorite of her firsts.


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