Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hannah gets patriotic without permission

Hannah and I went to the gym yesterday morning, and when I returned to the kids room to pick her up, the first thing she did was show me her nails: 

Ummmm...seriously???  WTF?? I feigned an "ohhh....pretty..." and contemplated making a scene but was too shocked to do anything.  I mean, who does that??  Who just paints some random little toddler's nails while hanging out in a kids room, not to mention that this was the gym we don't normally go to so they really don't know me or Hannah.  We could have strict religious beliefs or something and then what? Then they'd really be in trouble.  As it turns out, we do not have strict religious beliefs at all unless you count an unwavering and borderline obsessive dedication to keeping my child free of toxins as a religion.  I mean, I didn't use nail polish during my entire pregnancy because I was worried that inhaling the fumes would hurt the fetus or that the toxins would somehow seep through my nails and into my skin where they would eventually find their way into my uterus and cause Hannah to come out with three ears.

OKAY, maybe that's ridiculous.  I'll give you that.  But that's the point: I'm ridiculous and so are plenty of other parents so who in their right mind would decorate some kid they don't even know without getting permission?  Obviously someone who did not think it was a big deal.  I opted not to appear as wacko as I really am though I did consider asking to see the bottles of polish so I could determine just how toxic it was (like, if it chips off in her mouth, will she sprout that third ear?).  Interestingly enough, when I got home, Eric wanted the answer to that very question and suggested I call there and ask what they put on her so we can figure out how quickly we need to remove it.  I loved it that he reacted like that--a man after my own heart!

Luckily Whole Foods sells an all natural nail polish remover that does not have formaldehyde or any other poisons in it, and the lady working there handed me some cotton balls and suggested I just use the sample to remove it in the store so I didn't have to buy it.  Whew!! Hannah's hands have been returned to their original child-like glory and will hopefully stay that way until she is much, much older.

Now, this is two posts in one because both are time sensitive.  Hannah is 23 months today, and I just so happen to have a pic of myself at 23 months so I thought we'd do a little comparison.

I'm still very behind in my blogging but I had to put a pause on the catch up to do my Happy 4th of July and 23 months post.  Next up is pics from our visit from Grannah and Granpah (or "Nampah" as Hannah has dubbed him) last weekend!

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