Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hannah gets a trike!

More catching up on the blog! Grannah and Granpah came to visit the weekend after we got back from vacation and brought Hannah a super special present!  A trike!!  We took it to the zoo and rode it straight to the farm yard to pet the goats.  I snapped as many pics as possible since I've been a big slacker on their previous visits.

Here's the trike! It's pretty rad.  It's super versatile and has a removable push handle so that it operates like a stroller (great if you're in a hurry but they still want the novelty of riding a bike).  It also has a removable 5-point harness and circular waist band thingy (you can see it in the pic) to keep younger kiddos safe while they learn to ride.  You can also remove the shade thingy, cup holder, and trunk so that eventually, it's just a regular tricycle.  Cool, huh? I love things that grow with the kids! You end up buying so much stuff and using it for such a short time...products like this make it so much easier to fork out the dough! Not that I forked out any dough in this case....

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  1. She keeps getting cuter!!! Look at how happy she is on her new trike!!!


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