Friday, July 1, 2011

Part 2 of vacation: Family Reunion

Time for part 2 of our vacation post: the family reunion.  I wasn't as snap happy there as I was the rest of the week--and it was only one day instead of 4--so I don't have nearly as many pics, and those I do have aren't that great, so this will be considerably shorter than the previous post.

Before I start posting, I think I should mention that this is our 5th annual (consecutive) family reunion so woohoooo to us for starting it and keeping it going!  The location moves each year, and we take turns hosting to evenly distribute the stress load.  This year it was at my cousin Adam's which is about an hour from where we stayed in Ohiopyle.

This photo was taken moments before Eric cannon balled the crowd, soaking them all.
Clay thought these rings made my Aunt Pam's hair look prettier.
Hannah floated around on the floaty for a looong time, living the good life.
My uncles.
Adam manning the grill.
The cousins playing ball.
Hannah shoots hoops with the fam.
Highlight of Hannah's day: walking Winnie.
It was also one of Clay's favorite activities.  They did a pretty good job of sharing.
Not sure what they're doing...playing with rocks? I just thought it was a cute photo op.

Uncle Chip pauses a game of home run derby to teach Hannah how to hit a ball.

Back in the pool!  Everyone was in and out all day.

Hannah got used to Winnie 's constant barking and started to pet her gently while saying "shhhh" soothingly.  
Clay loved standing in front of the fan.  Hannah loved watching him stand in front of the fan.
I love being with my family and wish we motivated to get together more often, but once a year is better than not at all!  We had a great day, and it was an awesome way to end an awesome week of vacation.

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