Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hannah Plays Dress Up...With a Changing Table Cover

We just had an awesome weekend--the playground on Friday, Port Discovery on Saturday, and the Zoo this morning--and I've actually got all the photos uploaded and edited, but now late and I'm too tired for a big post.  Instead, here are two photos we took tonight of Hannah playing dress up for the first time.  Please note that the cape-like thing she's wearing is actually a cover for her changing table.  She pulled it out of the drawer this evening and got really frustrated when we couldn't figure out what she wanted us to help her do with it.  On a whim, I wrapped it around her like a cape and wha la! That's what she wanted.  Then she grabbed the SPF 50 sun hat we picked up at Target today, put it on her head, and started making her way down the stairs to the front door.  She likes to pretend to go to work like her daddy. Oh, and yes she is wearing Christmas PJs underneath the "cape;" we're not in the habit of dressing her after her nap if we have no intention of leaving the house.


  1. What Friday are you talking about? You were in bed all day Friday.

  2. Yeah, I realized my typo after I'd already turned off my computer...It was Thursday.

  3. Very cute especially pretending to go to work with her Daddy. :)


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