Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Sappy Story

We took a nature hike today at Oregon Ridge and learned how to spot a Maple tree, tap it for sap, and then boil it down into syrup.  We also learned how the Indians boiled it down (by placing the sap in a hollowed out log and then adding in hot stones), how the colonials did it (by boiling it in a kettle over a fire), and how the next generation that came along did it....I forget who they were and how they did it, but their way was close to how it's done today.  After learning all about maple syrup, we headed up to the nature center to play with the turtles and frogs and birds.  Joel manned the camera so all the below are courtesy of him.

Hiking off to look for a maple tree.

We bought Hannah a 75 cents bird whistle at the nature center.
 ALSO....I forgot about these pics Eric took earlier in the week.  Atticus came over to play for a bit one afternoon and, much to her delight, Hannah got to feed him his green bean snack.

Aren't they cute snuggling!


  1. You and Amy look so much alike in that picture..If I didn't know better, I would think you two are biological sisters.

  2. I think it's just the matching giant sunglasses and ponytails :)

  3. Take a look at the facial features, beginning with the forehead and compare from there down. Interesting.

  4. Why was Eric wearing Hannah's carrier and then carrying Hannah? She doesn't like it anymore?

  5. She still likes her carrier....just not for long. She got restless and wanted out of it within a few minutes. She's like that now. I suggested he not bother with it as a result of that, but he wanted to give it a try anyway.


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