Thursday, February 24, 2011

Up Close and Personal with the Giraffes

The cool thing about going to the zoo in the winter time is that it's so un-crowded that you feel kinda special, like you've got special back stage passes or something.  Since last week was so warm, we thought a trip to the zoo would be perfect. Turns out Sunday was not that warm, but it was close to 40 which was warm enough.

First we saw the rhinos and zebras.

Then the penguins...Hannah loves birds.
Seeing the giraffes in the giraffe house was pretty amazing; those animals seem so much larger up close than they do when viewing them walking around their yard...

We went to the chimpanzee house next and although the smell was pretty bad initially, the heat was fantastic and the chimps were hysterical so we stayed a while and watched them wrestle with each other and swing from all their ceiling-hanging toys.  I took a bunch of pics but since the chimps are behind glass, there's a glare on all of them....

We heart the zoo.


  1. Does it seem odd to you that she will know monkeys and penguines before she knows cows and pigs?

  2. Like Eric's haircut and adore that last picture!

  3. I love the last one too, Jeannie!

    Mom! She knows cows and pigs!! Just not in real life....BUT the zoo has a Maryland section too with a farm animal petting zoo. We didn't go there on this last trip because there wasn't time, but we'll go there first on our next trip.

  4. Her nose is so red in the first pic that she looks like that kid in the tissue commercial.


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