Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Banana Grows Like a Beanpole

Hannah had her 18-month checkup this morning.  She's still long and lean (15th percentile for weight and 90th for length), and has all her teeth except her 2-year molars.  The best part about this particular visit is that she didn't have to get any shots!!! Woohoooo!!!  Here's the stats:

Height: 33-1/2 inches
Weight: 21-1/2 inches
Head circumference: 49 cm

I never got the camera fixed, but it magically started working again so I took this shot of Hannah coloring at the coffee table on Tuesday.  I love the little foot kick she's got going on with the boots we got her at the Bass outlet a few weeks ago.


  1. that little foot kick is way too cute! awww

  2. Looking forward to seeing her again. She is a cutie pie. Yay for a good check up!

  3. Personality showing through already.

  4. Personally I think the 3 tone stockings make the boots thrive. I didn't know you were such an 80's fan. Futuristic and adorable for sure! Glad your camera started working again.


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