Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy 4 Month Birthday Banana!!

Hannah's grandmother's have been kind enough to scan in some baby pics of her parents so I'm gonna start a new tradition where at certain milestones (like Hannah's 4 month birthday), I post the usual pics of her with pics of her parents at the same age.  Get ready for some fun!!!

So here is a pic of Hannah from this week playing with a toy that Amy brought back from Africa for her:

And here is yours truly, her dear sweet mama at about the same age:

And dear ol' daddy:

We took a ton of pics this week for some reason (I uploaded 46 last night!!) so I'm going to digress from the original point of this post now and pull a Mamarazzi on you...Here's Hannah in a week of photos:

Here she is playing with that African rattle again (yes those are beer caps on the wire part--you shake it and it and they clink together):

Here's us being a city family:

Banana loves daddy!

Here's that rattle again:

She loves this Baby Einstein ball:

Not quite big enough to ride on daddy's shoulders...but getting there

Hannah likes to help daddy with his homework

Mmmmmmm....fuzzy wrist rattles

When finished eating, she's into ooching herself off the boppy so that she can view the world (or room) from a different angle...


  1. Fun, Fun, Fun, and Wowzers! You three look alike. Scream!!

  2. Love the picture idea- she looks so much like both of you! Happy 4 months to Hannah!

    BTW your house looks very nice

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  4. I love the photo opportunities you've found. She's adorable always.

  5. Terri, From the 1st pictures I seen of Hannah girlie I said she looks like both of you because I think you & Eric favor each other. They say everyone has a twin. You are Eric's & Eric is yours, lol I love to see pictures. I have not been able to get the videos, boo hoo.

  6. Thanks for the happy wishes Stasa!! It's good to hear from you!

    I'm sorry you can't get the videos Patsy :( Bummer!!


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