Sunday, December 13, 2009


As an update to the last post, Hannah did eventually stop screaming, and the next night, we started bedtime 2 hours earlier so that if she wanted to scream for 2 hours, it didn't keep me up.  Tonight is the third night of staying strict with keeping her in her room at bedtime no matter how much she screams and it was the best night yet--she only screamed for about 40 minutes this time.  On the up-side, she has been sleeping 7 1/2 to 8 hour stretches.

Yesterday Grammy came down and went shopping with me and Hannah while Eric wrote papers.   Hannah picked out a Christmas toy for herself and her cousin Clay.  I had every intention of ordering some nice, wooden, made-in-America toy for both of them (I had my eyes on xylophone from Nova toys...), but didn't get around to it and figured it was easier to just grab a toy while we were out...Sigh.  After picking out her toy, she fell asleep.

While at Target, we picked up some eating tools for Hannah who will be introduced to solids here in the next couple of months.  And a special thanks to Grannah (Eric's mom) for funding that!! (She sent some cute clothes for Hannah that were too small for her so I returned them and had the money put on a gift card to be used for Hannah later.) She now has spoons, 2 cups, and 3 bowls with suction cups on the bottom.

And finally, in this random email, is a picture from Hannah's naked time earlier this evening.  She found her toes a couple weeks ago and I've been meaning to capture it but kept forgetting to take my camera to the bathroom with us. (I forgot it tonight too but grabbed a robe and went back downstairs for it.)  Cute, eh?


  1. She did look so cute hanging on your chest and snoozing away.

    I agree that staying in her room (even if she's being walked and held) is a good move. It was easier for me when you screamed because I had a rocker in the nursery.

  2. I would LOVE a rocker! But the one I want is that super comfy one that costs $400...a little pricey. I don't want a hard wooden one though and I don't like those gliders as much...The chair I like is brown corduroy and super comfy and woule transition well into a living room when I no longer had babies to rock...

  3. Look at you...the artisitic side, colorful stuff.
    Cute Hannah-Banana!
    Looking forward to seeing her. She has grown a lot since we saw her in August, which is a good thing.


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