Sunday, December 30, 2012

Foxy Fox: Crafty Aunt Laura's present to Hannah

Check out the super cute fox pillow that Aunt Laura made for Hannah for Christmas! Hannah opened it when it arrived a few days before Christmas and spent a good 20 minutes squeezing it in a full body hug repeatedly exclaiming about its super cuteness. I have a record of my two favorite lines since I was texting them to Laura while it was happening:

1. In response to me telling her that it's time for a bath: "This fox is so cute I cannot stop hugging it and that's why I can't take a bath."

2. And my personal favorite: "I'm about to cry because it's so cute. Sometimes when you cry it's because something is so cute."

I took some video of her loving up on her fox, but since the video is longer than 6 seconds, I have no easy way of getting it off my phone, and anyway, she is not wearing pants and ends up flashing the camera in the last scene, sooooo....that's not really for public viewing unless I can figure out how to crop the end.

She has been sleeping with the fox since then, and every night she asks "why" questions: "Why does it have buttons for eyes?" "Why does it have this white on its ears?" "What is this nose?" "Why does it have these circles?" She's not critical; just very curious.

My reply is that that that's the way Aunt Laura designed it according to her own artistic vision. We've been talking a lot lately about how everything in life had to be designed by someone....Artists are everywhere!

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