Friday, December 9, 2011

Conversations with Hannah: checking for mean dinosaurs

This morning I dressed Hannah in the living room because Amy was sprawled out on the couch waking up slowly, and Hannah is pretty much refusing to be separated from Amy. Once dressed, I brushed as much of her hair as she would let me and was trying to get her to sit down so I could put on her shoes when she pulled down her pants and underwear and bent over like she was looking for something in her pants.  I asked what she was doing, and she looked up at me and said:

"Umm. Just checking. Mean dinosaurs in my butt."

Amy and I cracked up laughing and she lit up, obviously pleased with her ability to entertain us with silly anecdotes about mean dinosaurs in her butt.  Over dinner tonight we discussed whether checking for mean dinosaurs was her intent when she pulled her pants down, or if maybe she didn't actually know what she was doing (or how to answer the question) and came up with that on the spot when questioned.

If I could have a super power, it would be the power to be omniscient and always know what's going on in the heads of the characters that share this story with me.  I think Hannah's head would be a fascinating place to be.  Also my cat's head, if only so that I could look out of her eyes and see where she goes when she's out gallivanting around the neighborhood.  I met the woman who lives on the corner the other day and she told me that she feeds my cat breakfast every morning (she didn't know it was my cat and once she found out, she asked if that was okay). Who else feeds my cat breakfast?? And where does she go when it rains and she refuses to come inside? I want to know these things.

Amy's and Hannah's self portrait on the iPhone using the  CamWow app. The two are totally inseparable.

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