Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Voodoo child

Yesterday our hallway was packed full of all the stuff I pulled out of Hannah's room to de-flea prior to spraying the daylights out her room for the second time and then returning the de-flead stuff to the de-flead room. In between loads and loads of laundry, I was carrying an armful of pillows fresh from the dryer back to her room to stash on her top bunk (in the hopes that the fleas won't get to them up there) when I got my ankle stuck in between the wall and the laundry baskets and plummeted forward.   Face plant.

Hannah heard the thud and my scream and pulled herself away from her dinosaur movie to check on me. I sat down on the floor in her room to inspect my ankle, and she went to her shelves and came back with this giant bouncy ball type thing (that we call the wrecking ball) that lights up when it hits the floor.  She, very seriously, rolled the ball around my ankle for a few seconds and then looked up and asked, "feel better, mommy?"  I stifled my laughter, assured her that I did feel better, and thanked her for her help.

At dinner later that night, she spotted a bandage on Eric's finger and asked what happened.  He explained, and her remedy this time was to get this light-up birthday wand thing that Grannah got her for her first birthday and hold it over his wound until he assured her that he felt better and thanked her for her help.

I'm not sure what brand of magic healing she's using, but it's quite effective.

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