Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hannah places a ban on singing

Hmmm...I don't know how that last post got posted...It was a draft a really, really, really long time ago, like in Hannah's first year of life I think. I never got around to posting it so I guess it decided to post itself.  Very strange.

Anyway, the topic today is singing.  I finally enrolled Hannah in some music classes, and she had her first one last week (second if you count the demo class).  She spent the first 15 minutes of the last class running in circles around the circle, which surprised me because although she's very energetic, she's usually more tentative and reserved in new-ish situations.  Anyway, she settled down when the instructor broke out the shaker eggs.

Enrollment in the class entitles each participant to two identical CDs with recordings of the music for that session and a song book so you can learn the words.  We've had a few dance parties at home (broke out our own shaker eggs and drum for extra fun), and we've been listening to the other CD in the car, so I'm starting to learn the words, butttttt...I'm not allowed to sing them. There is a big emphasis in this class on parent participation, on being over-the-top enthused and giving 150% of your energy.  When the parent voices die down to a whisper the instructor says, in a sing-song voice with a big smile on her face: "Yours is the voice they want to hear."

This is not true in our household.  If I so much as whisper something about an eensy weensy spider, her royal highness, Hannah Banana, shouts, "No mommy! No singing. My music. No singing."  Mine is NOT the voice she wants to hear most.  

Hannah is also learning the words and is singing along an eensy weensy bit. Her favorite songs are the ones that just work on rhythm and don't use words.  She was even singing "la, la, la" while picking out a book to read the other day.  Love it! This is the child who used to scream "NO!" every time my finger made a move to turn on the radio in the car. Now she says, "music louder, mommy." My fear that she would grow up hating music is being assuaged.  Whew.

I wonder if I'll be allowed to sing her songs in class on Thursday or if Hannah will temporarily lift the ban on singing....

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  1. That's too funny, because Dima does the same thing sometimes. If me or Brian starts singing and he is not in the mood, he will stretch his arm to us and say Stop!


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