Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hannah drives the fire truck

I took Hannah with me to the fire station around the corner to vote in the primary on Tuesday, and since I wasn't in the system (in spite of the fact that I vote in all presidential elections and became a registered voter when I turned 18), we had to wait around for half an hour or so while they tried to find me.  The good news is that the firemen in our local station are awesome.  They turned on the lights for Hannah and then let her play inside the truck. Driving is one of Hannah's favorite things to do; we sometimes sit in the car out front for over an hour with her jerking the wheel around, putting the windows up and down, turning the wipers on and off, and wreaking havoc on my radio stations.

What she really wanted was for me to sit in the back while she drove, but that seat was like 4 feet off the ground or something crazy high so I told her it was best if I stayed close enough to catch her if she fell.


  1. You'll have to bring her so she can see the Ambulances.

  2. That's what Chip said when I talked to him last night. Definitely!!


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