Monday, August 1, 2011

My guys

Thanks to my mom, Hannah has a Dora obsession.  It started on an all day house hunting binge in which Grammy spent the day playing with Hannah so that we didn't have to drag her along on the hunt.  Grammy brought with her a portable DVD player and Dora video and popped it in for Hannah after her nap.  Instant love.  I griped and groaned about it the way I would gripe and groan about her being addicted to any television show, but the obsession (and portable DVD player) came in handy a few times after that when we wanted to house hunt and needed to take Hannah along. She was content to sit in the car for any number of hours as long as she had her portable DVD player with Dora on repeat.

Then came the dolls which Grammy came across quite by accident but happily scooped up for her Dora-obsessed granddaughter and put in the mail immediately.  I was initially annoyed by the encouragement, but she explained that when I was little, after watching Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony I got the dolls and then preferred playing with the dolls over the watching the shows.  In retrospect, I totally remember playing with those toys constantly but I don't ever remember watching the shows so I was hoping the same would happen with Hannah.  Not so much, but she does ask for the show a little less.

I'm getting to the point of this post slowly, but I swear it's coming. Bear with me.

There's one episode where the Dora gang is getting ready for bed and they've all got their various loveys that they sleep with, and I don't really remember any of it, but Benny (that blue cow-like thingy) has an armful of stuffed animals that he calls "my guys" and he needs all of his guys to sleep, and then Swiper comes along and takes them all so then the hunt is on for Benny's guys.

So a few days after Hannah gets her Dora dolls in the mail, she starts referring to them as "my guys" which I find adorable, and pretty much every day I wonder how Hannah can get any cuter but then she does, and tonight she topped all cuteness cakes. We were sitting at the table on the booth seats, all of us on one booth, and Hannah was standing between us and just being super lovey dovey telling us she loves us and then she puts an arm around my neck and the other arm around Eric's neck, pulls us in close, and says "my guys, my guys" and kisses us each on the cheek.  Eric and I crack up laughing, and then I nearly vomit from all the cuteness.

Move over Dora!  Mommy and Daddy are the new guys!  Woohooo!!

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