Monday, January 24, 2011

Hannah-Style Humor

Hannah spent most of yesterday saying "Mom-eee" and then pointing at me.  No matter how many times she did it, I always got my super-excited cheesy grin on and said, "That's right! I'm mommy!"  After a bit of that she'd turn to Eric (who spent most of yesterday holding her), point at his chest, and say "Mom-eeee."  "That's not mommy!" I'd say, and Eric would say, "No, I'm daddy. Can you say DAD-EEE??"  She'd laugh and every now and again she'd throw him a bone and say, "Da-da" while pointing at him. Then she'd start the game over. I think she knew what she was doing and was messing with him on purpose because she had this ornery grin on her face the whole time.  I hope she inherits the Hewitt humor/sarcasm (Hewitt is my mom's side of the family) just because it's fun. I mean, it's okay if she doesn't, but I think she'd have more fun if she did.  I used to love hanging out near my mom and her two sisters when they all managed to be in the same zip code at the same time because they'd sit around and sing old songs and crack their Hewitt-style jokes and laugh until they were snorting and crying.  As a kid, that was the happiest I'd ever seen my mom, and although I know she's happy with her grandbabies, I don't think I've ever seen her laugh so loud and so long as when she's with her sisters. I think it'd be fun to have sisters to be silly with. I wonder if Hannah will have a sister or if she'll have a younger brother like me.  That's something we won't be finding out for a few more years.  We've agreed to open the topic for discussion the year she turns 3, so fall of 2012 we'll see if we're ready to remove the goalie.... that I've sidetracked, sidetracked again, and then sidetracked one more time, I don't know how to get back to my original story in a smooth-operator way....Skipping smooth and going right for the colon: so we took Hannah downtown to the MAC at Harbor East to go swimming yesterday morning.  We decided to join there in February and were visiting on a guest pass to check it out. I had to switch gyms because my old one got out of the Merritt gym system which meant that Hannah and I could no longer access the pool, and we want a pool, so now we're at this awesome gym in the city with three saltwater pools on the second story of this building with windows looking out at the city. It's the coolest gym I've ever belonged to, but I'm sidetracking again. Must end first story!!  Okay, so we we're swimming, right?  And Eric decides to take a break from family time and go swim some laps. He hops out of the kiddie pool when Hannah isn't looking and jumps in the lap pool.  A minute later Hannah notices he's gone and starts whipping her head around the pool looking for him and saying "Da-da! Da-da!! Da-da?"  I took her to the edge so we could see Eric where he was standing in the lap pool adjusting his goggles, and he hadn't started swimming yet so, charmed by our charming daughter, he returned to family time.  

See what I mean? She totally knows who we are and is having fun messing with us. I love it.

Also, I think that if there were awards given for sidetracking, I'd get first place.  


  1. "Sidetracking" has always been one of your strengths. :-)

  2. Thats just awesome! I need to get back out there so I can get her saying, "Jk"! LOL!!

  3. That's our Hannah! Eric is a chip off the old block as always.


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