Sunday, January 9, 2011


My in-no-hurry-to-talk little chili-child has been saying "mom-EEE!" this weekend, and it's pretty much the cutest, awesomest thing I've ever heard anyone say even though I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what--errr, who--mommy is.  I say that because when I ask her, "where's mommy?" in an attempt to egg her on, she points to herself....Maybe I should stop talking about myself in the third person???  Anyway, regardless of how long it takes her to figure out that I am mom-EEE, it's still really fun to hear her say it.


  1. that is awesome...i can't wait to addie to speak.

  2. Can't wait to hear her say it. What a thrill! Luca says "me me" a lot and we are still wondering if he is calling everyone that or if he is referring to himself.


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