Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Needs New Shoes

Hannah seems to have outgrown the super cute Keen's that her friend Esther handed down to her, and the Crocs that her Uncle Joel bought her are still a teeny bit big. She's been wearing them anyway, and really, they're fine, and they seem comfy, but I feel like she still needs a regular pair of shoes. Something with a back so that snow doesn't sneak in at the heel like it did this morning.  I was hoping for a cute pair of boots kind of like my Uggs but cheaper but am now thinking I should stick with something that will work this summer too (assuming she doesn't grow another size by then).  So I searched Target and didn't come up with much, just one pair of brown boots for $17.99...Am I crazy for not wanting to pay that much for a pair of kid shoes?? Especially shoes she can only wear for a few more months before it gets warm and she'll need something else.

The other day I drove by a Payless and remembered that when I was little, my mom bought all our shoes at there. Granted, we hated her for it because all the other kids with their Nike's and Adidas taunted us by singing, "bobo's, they make your feet feel fine; bobo's, they cost a dollar ninety-nine."  Anyway, I figure Hannah is too young to get made fun of so I can shop there for a few years until she comes home crying.  But nope. Payless sucks. I mean really sucks. There is nothing even remotely nice looking there.  Then I remembered Zappos, my old favorite stomping ground for shoe shopping back when I was a single lady with a full-time job and a little extra money to throw around. For some reason I never thought to look there for kid shoes.  So I start searching and then I start swooning over the supreme cuteness of some of these shoes...Exhibit A:

 Exhibit B:
 And finally, Exhibit C, and my personal favorite (and also the cheapest at $28):

Those Puma's are so dang cute that I'm tempted to just fork over the dough, and yes, I KNOW that I was just complaining about the cost of the $17 Target boots 5 minutes ago and the Puma's are even pricier. Sooooooo....where do I get cute, cheap shoes??? Any advice mom's?? Last time I was at the consignment shop they had a plethora of black patent-leather mary jane's, but that was about it. I guess I should check again...Sigh. After a year of breastfeeding, using cloth diapers, and living on hand-me-downs and clothes generously supplied by friends and family, I was starting to think that kids are way less expensive than everybody says.  My delusion days are ending...Total bummer.


  1. Come back and go to the outlet stores with me. Erica got a really cute pair (I'm thinking Adidas) for Clay there for only about $6.

  2. Ooo! Alright, no hasty Puma buying until I've checked out the outlets. Looks like you'll be getting a visit from us soon!!

  3. i looove the puma's, but i'm sure that comes as no surprise to you!!! how did i not even think of becoming her shoe fairy!?!?!?!?


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