Monday, January 17, 2011

Hannah Goes Duckpin Bowling

We took Hannah duckpin bowling on Friday night, and she loved it! And by "we," I mean the four adults who've inhabited this house and been caring for Hannah for the last month: Amy and Joel, and, of course, me and Eric.  Uncle Joel's been staying in our basement since mid-December and Aunt Amy holed up down there with him a few weeks ago and has been there ever since.  They're cute, and not even in a nauseating way but in an actually cute way, and since they're our two favorite house guests, we're pretty psyched that they coupled up.

This was the second Friday in a row that we've double-dated (the Friday before we all down to Greek town and had dinner at Samos)--look how often we're getting out!! Oh yeah!! The duckpins were a big hit--she liked the pita and tzatziki from the week before too--but she liked bowling waaaaaaay more.  The second we walked up to the lanes Hannah started squealing and laughing and clapping her hands; she was super happy and excited the whole time we were there and picked up on it pretty fast.  She'd walk over to the balls, pick one up, walk it to the line at the start of the lane, drop it, then turn around and grab another ball before the first one had traveled 3 feet. Some of her balls even started knocking down pins, though it took a full 5 minutes for the balls she dropped to make it all the way down the lane to the pins and by then she had already dropped four more balls which were slowly making their way down the lane.

I forgot my camera and am lucky that Amy had hers, but her point-and-shoot camera is not quite as fancy pants as our SLR so I have to warn you that these photos are sub-par.

Daddy and Hannah watching the ball roll slowly down the lane.
Yay!! Pins fell down!!
Look how cute she is in her bowling shoes!!
Helping Aunt Amy keep score.
Uncle Joel giving Hannah's dropped ball a little extra umph.

If you're in the Baltimore area, I highly recommend Stoneleigh Lanes. As a partier, I always went to Patterson, but as a family, I like Stoneleigh better. It's closer to where we live, parking is easier, the inside is more open and seems cleaner, and the other bowlers at Stoneleigh tend to be families rather than hipsters pounding Natty Bohs.  Not that I have a problem with hipsters or Natty Bohs......It's just that, well, what I'm trying to say is that I think we'll be frequent frequenters of Stoneleigh this winter. 


  1. Ha ha, hipsters are everywhere!

  2. Wowzers! Looks like so much fun! We have been bowling on the WII but the real thing would be much more fun. So it looks like next time we have 2 things to do there. Go to the Aquarium and Bowl. Great post. Love reading your blog.
    Love you guys and miss you.

  3. PS. Is there a dress code there at the bowling ally? Looks like you guys are dressed up.

  4. I can't wait to take Hannah to the skating rink!!

  5. Hahaha!!! You guys are all hysterical!! Amy, yes, the skating rink is totally next!!! Too bad Joel is gonna have to miss that one :(

    No dress code Jeannie! We were just wearing jeans and sweaters/long-sleeve shirts. We will definitely go when you guys come visit in March!

  6. Instead of using Buzz for everything perhaps I should actually go to your blog. I keep missing comments. Its just so easy when a new post pops up in my email. LOL!! Bbbrrrrbbb


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