Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hannah-isms: Tomato soup and how to wear a summer dress in the winter time

Hannah's latest obsession is tomato soup. She eats it at least once a day, sometimes even for breakfast. The funny thing is that she HATES tomatoes, so much so that she won't even eat red peppers because they dare to resemble tomatoes if only in color. I had no intention of pointing out the link between the much hated and the much adored, and as it turns out, I didn't need to. She put it together herself, but just long enough to totally discredit the link. It happened while she was talking to Amy on the phone last week. After letting her bestie bestest know that she was about to eat some tomato soup, she then imparted Amy with following wisdom: "Tomato soup isn't made from tomatoes. It's just called that because it's the same color." Riiiiight....

Since nobody likes a post without a pic, I'm dropping in this random one from our trip to Port Discovery with Brody and Addison a few weeks ago. Hannah dressed herself in what was by far the most jaw-droppingly uncoordinated outfit ever. First, some black leggings with polka dots followed by this pink flowery/paisley shirt that Eric picked up at REI and is meant to be worn as a bottom layer, and then, to top it off, her ladybug dress. Totally awesome. This is her thing lately--pick out a long-sleeve shirt and some pants and then throw a summer dress over the whole thing. I think my little fashionista is onto something....It doesn't hurt that she hangs out with such a stylish crowd too.


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