Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hannah's goes Curly Sue: her first salon haircut

After 3 years of life and as many shoddy home haircuts, we finally broke down and took Hannah to the salon for a proper trimming. I was in dire need of a cut myself after boycotting scissors since early spring when my favorite hairdresser moved across the country. Do you know how hard it is to find an awesome hairdresser?? And I don't even care about my hair!! I just wear it in a ponytail all the time, but STILL. It is a royal pain to find someone who I like, who rocks, who is also relatively close to Hampden because I'm way too lazy to go more than two neigbhorhoods away for much of anything.

Brandy's wedding was my main inspiration for cleaning up our locks. Hannah's role as flower girl seemed like a good reason for a haircut, and my inability to make my own presentable was a dang good reason for my own cut so I made us both appointments for that afternoon and saved myself the time of washing, drying, and attempting to beautify mine and Hannah's hair.

We ended up at Balance since Mary Cate had a great haircut from there a few weeks earlier and highly recommended Jessica. I scheduled Hannah for the same time with Ken who also came highly recommended, especially for kid haircuts, and we had our first mommy/daughter spa day!

Jessica freed up first which was perfect since it meant Hannah got to watch me get started. When it was her turn, she settled right into the hair washing station with no trouble. (Since I was busy getting my own hair all did up, Eric was master paparazzi for the majority of this photo shoot.)

Ken got right to work evening out all of my uneven cuts and chopping dead ends. Hannah, stoic as usual, remained serious and mostly still.

I must have been annoying trying to watch Hannah out of the corner of my eye because Jessica offered to spin my chair so that I could watch Hannah while she dried my hair. Only a mama never tires of the Hannah-getting-a-haircut show.



Knowing that we were heading to a wedding in which Hannah was the flower girl, Ken awesomely offered to curl her hair. 

 Finished!! How cute is this kid??? (The next post will have pics of her in her flower girl dress.)

In the meantime, if you need someone to cut your kids' hair, we heart Ken at Balance!


  1. She definitely looks like a Hewitt. She could be any of "the sisters" at various ages. Too cute - where's your finished picture?

    1. She does!! Every time you guys post a baby pic of one of the sisters on the blog I notice the resemblance! The last pic is the finished haircut pic. I'm gonna post the flower girl ones tonight...I think...I'm pretty tired but that's not a long post so I'm going to try to push through!


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