Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hannah's New (Old) Table

Hannah inherited a little wooden table with two chairs that belonged to her granpah and his sister when they were little and then to her daddy and uncles.  We set it up it at the end of the island kinda halfway between the kitchen and the dining room in the spot the high chair formerly occupied (we're passing that down to Hannah's friend Adelaide until Hannah has a sibling who needs it).  Hannah sat right down with her breakfast and her crayons and started coloring.  (We were moving slowly on Saturday so you'll have to excuse the fact that she is only half dressed and that her hair is crazy and in her face.)

Before long, Hannah decided to rearrange the furniture...

She pushed the table all the way over to the window, which is, admittedly, a much nicer spot to sit. Unfortunately, that spot is currently occupied by the cat's food and water...Fortunately, we're okay with the table sitting kinda cockeyed and haphazardly in the middle of the room as long as it keeps her happy and occupied while I'm trying to make her breakfast, and so far, it does. Love it! Thanks Grannah and Granpah!


  1. Aww, she looks pleased. Does she need a tea cup set? :)
    Thanks for the pics. It warms our heart to see that she enjoys the table and chairs. Brian and Dawn wrote their names on the bottom of the chairs in pencil. Brian says maybe Hannah will too.
    Terry let me know if you need my help while Eric is gone.
    Love you guys!

  2. She is so amazing. It only takes Dima a second to start eating his crayons. What a smart little girl!

  3. Hahah!! Anna, today she was dipping her purple crayons in the hummus I gave her for snack and eating it...Normally she doesn't eat the crayons though :)

    Jeannie: Thank you again for the table! It's a big hit here. She pushed it into the living room the other day; she seems to enjoy interior design :) Oh, and she does have a tea set. My aunt got her one over the summer.


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