Friday, November 5, 2010

15-Months Today

I took this cute picture of Hannah hanging out in her crib yesterday and was logging on to share it when I realized that today is the 5th of the month which means that she is exactly 15 months old today.  I had planned on doing my next baby pic comparisons at 15, 18, and then 24 months, but I don't have another baby pic of Eric until he's 17 months so we'll just do 17 and 24 months.  I do, however, have baby pics of me at 15, 16, and 17 months so lace up your boot straps and get ready for a baby Terri overload!

As you'll see in the 17 month shot, Hannah looks A TON like her daddy at this age.

So, no criticism on my mom who is amazing and awesome, but why the hell was I eating Burger King at 15 months old???? GROSS!!!!


  1. ROFLOL! Way to be honest, Terri! Both pictures are cute, but I don't see a strong resemblence of you two in these pictures.
    Sorry that we can't help with the 15 and 16 month pictures. Maybe someone else has um, have to check.

  2. Because you liked french fries . . . and I liked Burger King.

  3. I still love french fries...I think they are my favorite food!!! But I can't eat the fast food kind anymore.


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