Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They're calling me "full term" now...

I just got back from my weekly appointment with the midwife where I learned that "the good news is that [I am] full term," which means, "we'll take this baby anytime she's ready to come!" Fingers crossed that she is not quite ready because I am most definitely not ready!! I'm getting closer though. On Monday my childbirth instructor asked if we'd packed our bags yet....nooooo...she followed that question up with a few more "have you done this..." and a couple "have you done that" questions. Our answer never changed. We were reprimanded and told that the baby could come at any time whether we were ready or not. So I took the next day off work and managed to coerce my mom into playing hooky with me. We went to Babies R Us and used the 10% coupon they give you to finish your registry. I didn't buy everything, but I bought the stuff I thought we needed and also some of the stuff I really wanted that wasn't too expensive (had to leave the Baby Einstein DVDs and a couple books behind--boo). Then we went to Target and used my 10% off coupon there doing the same thing and also stocking up on basics like kitty litter and mouthwash to prevent shopping trips post delivery. After that we went farther north to a little health food store where I grabbed some dried lavendar and german chamomile and liquid aloe vera. The lavendar is for the soothing rice sock I'm going to make to use as a heating pad during labor. The aloe and chamomile are for the frozen herbal ice pads I'm going to make to soothe my netherlands post delivery. I'm pretty excited for my upcoming crafty moments! Hopefully I have the time to make this stuff before it all goes down...

After the nature food store we went even farther north to the auto body shop that fixed my car but did not do the best job of fixing my trunk. They tinkered with it and got it closing correctly. Time to turn around and head south! At REI I grabbed two electrolyte beverages like Gatorade but without the funky high fructose corn syrup, two superfood bars, a pack of energy jelly beans, and the Merrill mary jane shoes I've been wanting for a couple years now. The food is for labor, the shoes are forever. I had a fun surprise too: not only were the shoes on sale from $75 to $49, but I had $35 in dividends. Wahooo! So that ended up being a cheap trip.

Shopping finished, I raced downtown for my 3:30 appointment with KISS (stands for kids in safety seats I think). They checked out Eric's car seat installation, offered suggestions for improvement, told me what things to look for, then made me undo it and install it myself. So now there's a car seat in my car!! Crazy!!!

Well, I came downstairs 20 minutes ago after telling Eric (who was sprawled out in the crawl space doing electric work on the bathroom light) that I was going to start dinner. He came down a few minutes ago, looked at me typing away, looked at the stove (which is devoid of any food), and laughingly asked how dinner was coming. He's downstairs now putting together an IKEA desk we bought this weekend. I'm getting hungry and I'm guessing he is too so I will leave you with these final tidbits: my abdomen is now 40 inches from my pubic bone to the top of the baby (where my belly meets my boobs), I weigh 169 pounds (that's 29 pregnancy pounds), and Hannah is "stretched out" in there (the midwife said" "this baby sure is stretched out").

Eventually I will have some pictures of the baby shower to post...hopefully before I have pictures of the baby...hint, hint Laura!! :)

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  1. What can i do to help?
    Need anything else?
    You'll be getting some B/E videos and some books from us - don't you worry!
    Also, easy icepack post deliver: take a maxi pad, soak it in water, freeze it in freezer. If you wanna soak it in chamomile or lavender tea that too.


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