Sunday, July 19, 2009

Artscape (35 1/2 weeks preggo)

Here's me feasting on some delicious festival food at Artscape. Mmmmm...turkey legs and funnel cakes! This was preceded by a falafel wrap and followed up with some vegan sweet potato pie ice cream. I just love festival food!

The whole walking around thing got real old real fast though. By about hour 2 my feet were aching and throbbing. About a half hour later my lower back spoke up (a cry against my very old flip-flops and my insistance on walking around on them all day). We sat down for a while, but then when I stood up again, I discovered that my hips had followed behind my legs and feet. I hobbled around like an old lady...or an invalid. I hate feeling so incapable! I was so desperate to lay on my couch that I started calling friends with the intent of begging them to pick me up and take me home. Nobody answered. Fortunately, Eric and his mom were okay with leaving; I felt bad dragging them away though.

The big kicker though was walking from the lightrail up all those hills back to our house....Amy called back just then and saved the day by picking us up. I've never been so grateful for a ride!! You would not believe how much I was hobbling...insane.
I did, however, discover another use for the belly: as a cupholder.
P.S. The next post will cover the baby shower and how fun and awesome it was!! I just need to get the photos from Laura first....


  1. ohhhh so that's why you called? i was cleaning and you didn't leave a message! bad girl.

    i'll get you the photos asap.

  2. Yep, that's why I called! I was desperate for a ride home! In that last picture, I started dialing friends, starting with you. I didn't want to stand back up until I knew I was being saved :) My hips and thigh joints still hurt and there's a sore spot on my right foot too...4 hours in old flip flops while carrying an extra 25 pounds in the front was really not smart.

  3. OMG - you look so beautifully big and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I just want to snuggle you!!! I know i've been absent on here - but i got it together and am catching up - good thing is I put my foot down and wil be home 1st October to meet little baby hannah - I hope she will forgive me I can't come earlier but she has a lot of people to meet in the mean time!! XXXXXXX


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