Sunday, April 5, 2009

Your Weekend Update

It's so nice outside today! I'm (impatiently) waiting for Eric to finish mowing, weed whacking (spelling???), and grass-clipping blowing the yard so we can go play. This morning when we woke up I suggested hike and he added "botanical gardens." I've never been there and to be quite honest, I'm really not sure what makes a garden "botanical," but I'm a big fan of the word "botanical" and as long as it involves being outside, I'm guessing we can't go wrong.

Amazingly, I woke up today feeling well-rested. This was a nice change from Friday and Saturday, both of which I awoke feeling completely exhausted. That's no fun. I also woke up with super sore ankles, feet, and lower legs; they were so sore that it hurt to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Not sure what the deal is with that, but it could be related to the events of our long weekend which began on Wednesday when we rented a box truck, loaded a bunch of my stuff and other miscellaneous stuff that we needed to clear out of the garage and drove to Baltimore. The little bro was supposed to meet us there to help us unload but family drama kept him at home until the next morning so after a quick dinner, Eric and I got started alone. It's possible that walking up and down all those stairs with all those boxes may be the reason for the achy feet--we're in a rancher here in Virginia Beach so I haven't done much stairing it lately. After a couple loads, Amy and Nate, our super sweet and wonderfully awesome neighbors, noticed that 20 week pregnant terri was moving things she probably shouldn't and came out to help us finish the job (which included moving a queen size box spring thorough a second story window). Prior to that, I kept reassuring Eric that, "we don't need anyone; we got this!" His reply was always the same: "no Terri, we need help." After help came, I realized he was right. We crashed pretty hard that night.

The little bro was there bright and early the next morning to help Eric rip up the floors while I set to work cleaning the bathroom and bedroom. That turned out to be an all day job....ugh. In between it all, we had estimators for installing central air conditioning and for refinishing our original hardwood floors. It was an exhausting day.

The end results: although the floors are too gnarly for the first two floor estimators, the third said no problem and had a price we were quite happy with. He'll be there Tuesday with his guys so that I'm safe to move in on Sunday. Of course, that meant Saturday we had to move EVERYTHING out of the first floor. The loveseat fit upstairs, but everything else (fridge, stove, couch) is sitting on the back porch and back patio in true Hampden fashion. Moving that stuff was no fun either, but this time, Mary Cate (our other neighbor) had our back. I love our neighborhood!! After taping up the stairwell to prevent dust from the floor sanding from ruining my freshly cleaned upstairs, we hit the road. Traffic was terrible so the drive was longer than usual, but it felt great to lay on the couch and veg out in front of the boob tube last night. We ended up sleeping about 10 hours which is probably why I feel so good today.

Alright! The hubby is inside making a sammy. Time to google directions to the garden of botanics and go play!!!! Wahooo!!!

No news on the pregnancy front except that I feel fine, and we find out Friday if "it" is a boy or girl!

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