Friday, April 10, 2009

Hellooooooo Hannah Jane!!

It's a girl! So the majority of you pollsters were correct! Who voted boy (other than Eric)? Just curious...

We have a TON of pictures from the sonogram (our sonogram lady spoils us). We'll scan and upload later this weekend but right now I'm tired and want to relax a bit.

In other less fun news, I have my first yeast infection. I've been pulling an Al Bundy all week scratching myself so I figured I'd mention it to the midwife while there. According to her, there was no way for me to prevent this--being preggers lowers the acidity levels down there which fosters a welcoming environment for baking bread. Wonderful. Eric laughed and said I have two buns in the oven...haha. I've been lucky to not have the morning sickness or the constipation or other stuff most pregnant women complain about, but this baby has sure worked a number on my piping.

Oh, and Aunt Earlene, I'll keep you posted on the baby shower! My friend Laura is planning one for sometime this summer....more on that later!


  1. yeah speaking of you need to pick your date for that shower missy!

  2. ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness...i'm giving you a call this week. i want to hear details via VOICE.

  3. That's a beautiful name! Congrats!


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