Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cravings and ramblings

I'll try to keep this update focused more on that thing I'm growing in my belly...out of laziness though, I'm going to start by copying my answer to this question that Erin emailed to me earlier in the week: "How is Baby Kellogg treating you these days? Cravings, naps, insomnia?" My answer, to those of you who have been dying to know: "Baby Kellogg is being pretty kind these days, just creating a lot of gas...I've been weaning off my naps since those days are about to be long gone. No insomnia but I wake up every 2 hours to pee,which probably explains why I'm always tired. Cravings do seem to be starting...pastries. Oh my gosh am I loving pastries. Cookies and muffins and cake and donuts...I realized this weekend that it was starting to be more of a daily craving so I vowed to lay off. Yesterday I only had one cookie..."

I believe my mom ate a lot Krumpe's donuts when she was pregnant...My dad once told me that he used to get up in the middle of the night and drive to Krumpe's to get her a dozen glazed which she polished off quickly. Not sure which pregnancy that was, but if it was with me, how interesting that my cravings are the same! However, my mom and dad seldom agree on how a thing happened and more often than not have two totally different sides of the same story. I haven't bothered to fact check this with her because if I know my mom, she'll share her side in the comments :)

I haven't read about week 21 yet so I don't know what's happening with the inner growth, but my back sure has been aching lately. Maybe this is that relaxin hormone stuff Libby was talking about...And while doing the breast stroke the other day (in the pool you pervs), my left hip did a weird little achy thing every time I kicked my leg out like a frog (I ignored it of course). And also, if I lay on my back on the floor now, when I get up, my lower back is pretty stiff and achy. I guess I need to start folding a blanket up under my knees during sivasana...or stop laying on my back since the book said to stop weeks ago. Sigh. Oh, speaking of sivasana, I signed up for a 6-week prenatal yoga class at Baltimore Yoga Village. The last 3 weeks are for couples so I get to bring Eric.

Well, my napping days are limited so I'm going to go lay down and try to enjoy one of my last free afternoons before I return to the world of working stiffs...


  1. It is true. It was glazed donuts and I have no clue where he got them (I thought it was Dunkin Donut - at that time only a few blocks away on Burhans Blvd) and I didn't care as long as they came. The other craving with you was pancakes and maple syrup. And before you ask, yes I had very low blood sugar while I was pregnant - passed out a couple of times. So my body was trying to fix the problem - only with unwise choices.

  2. I cannot believe this story doesn't have another side!!! This is going in the history books. Alert the media: the 'rents have agreed on something!!

  3. Just verified the source of the donuts--I'm right again! I called dad and said, "where did you go to get mom donuts when she was pregnant?" And he said, "Well, Krumpes of course. Where else?" haha! I'm on today!

  4. one more day until!!!! excited about the fate of gertie. that will work for boy or girl. you must text me b/c i will be dallas bound!!! happy easter chickadee.

  5. Aunt Earlene wants to know when & where the baby shower is? I say its a GIRL!!!!

  6. thanks for the text.....i am soooooooooo excited.


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